The Regrainers

Dan KurzrockExecutive Grain Officer, Co-Founder

Dan grew up on the Bay Area Peninsula, and graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics and a Masters in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School. Dan realized a passion for entrepreneurship early. In high school, he created and sold novel merchandise, ranging from shirts to frisbees, to his peers. Dan is always on the move (often quite literally on his bicycle) and relentlessly seeks opportunity to brainstorm and implement new ideas. He is a passionate communicator and loves to build excitement. This trait translated naturally into a knack for sales; first for display space in the UCLA paper, next for technology, and now business development with ReGrained. Dan began homebrewing early in college, which provided the inspiration for ReGrained. Dan is “Mr. Outside” for ReGrained, and handles all elements of growing the business from sales to marketing to partnerships.


Jordan Schwartz Chief Grainmaster, Co-Founder

Jordan was born in Freising, Germany, a small bavarian town near Munich. With the region's rich beer history, it should be no surprise that he ended up starting a venture like ReGrained. Having found his way to the Bay Area early on, Jordan grew up just south of San Francisco in Burlingame, CA. Jordan graduated with a Business Economics degree from UCLA. He has had years of experience working in the food industry, managing the operations for a sustainably-focused food group in San Francisco that owns restaurants and a grocery. Jordan is “Mr. Inside” for ReGrained, responsible for ensuring our production can grow as quickly as the sales opportunities. He handles everything from R/D to procurement, production, and general operations. Whether it's on the ski slopes or golf course, in the backcountry, or developing new recipes, Jordan has uncanny determination and focus to succeed at what he loves.

As we continue to evolve as a company, we hold ReGrained subject to improvement in all areas, all of the time. We appreciate how far we have been able to take the company from our crowded UCLA kitchen, but our journey has only just begun. Right now we look like a snack startup with a twist, but our “Eat Beer” bars are just the start. ​ ...want to help play a part as ReGrained grows? We'd love to hear from you!