Fight Food Waste

We love beer, but a pound of grain is left behind for every 6-pack brewed. Now multiply that by all the 6-packs you've seen (or maybe drank) in your life! That's a lot of grain going to waste.

Luckily, brewer’s grain is rich in protein, fiber, and prebiotics… The perfect recipe for a healthy snack.

ReGrained offers a solution to brewers. We upcycle their grain into delicious snacks, so you can eat beer AND fight food waste.


Compostable Wrappers

Our wrappers are 100% backyard AND municipally compostable. For ReGrained, combatting waste doesn’t stop at food.

Single use plastics are bad news whether they end up in a landfill, the street, or the ocean. That’s why our renewable packaging is a non-negotiable value.


1% For The Planet

ReGrained partners with 1% For The Planet to donate 1% of our sales to environmental organizations, allowing us to focus on our mission while supporting the initiatives that we care most about.

As we grow, so too will our ability to give back. 1% for the Planet will ensure that we continuously reach this potential–making responsibility a habit.