An Upcycled Sprouted Ancient Grain

From "spent" to SUPER

Brewers grain (malt) is produced predominantly by sprouting barley, an ancient grain dating back to the origins of human cultivation. The sprouted grain is then kilned or roasted to finish preparations for the brewing process and produce a depth of flavor.

ReGrained SuperGrain+® is an exciting new ingredient created by upcycling the flavor and nutrition concentrated in the process. Only the grain’s sugars are “spent” during the brewing. We close the loop on the remaining fiber, protein and other nutrients at scale to create a more circular food economy.

Our Secret Ingredient

ReGrained SuperGrain+® is a Upcycled Certified® ingredient. The powder resembles a toasted flour with great flavor, aroma, and functional properties across a wide range of food products.

Low-carb and highly versatile SuperGrain+® boasts 3.5x the fiber, 2x the protein of whole wheat flour. Our hallmark ingredient is a functional food packed with prebiotics, polyphenols, and more. Prebiotic Fiber supports digestive health by providing food for the probiotic bacteria that live in your gut. 

Tasting is believing, and we have created some incredible products to initiate you to the upcycled food revolution.

Let's Upcycle Together

ReGrained SuperGrain+® not only packs incredible flavor and nutrition, but also positive environmental impact. 

ReGrained rescues food safe ingredients that manufacturers traditionally consider "spent." By saving this food, we can introduce products with no additional land use, fertilizers, and other inputs.

Every pound of ReGrained SuperGrain+®used prevents the carbon dioxide equivalent of burning 1 pound of coalandsaves over 300 gallons of water! 

Ingredient producers, food businesses, consumers, and
the planet all stand to benefit from upcycled food. ReGrained’s Upcycled Food Lab is here to help your team to move top-selling products supported by health and environmental claims quickly from concept to market.

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