An Upcycled Sprouted Ancient Grain

From "spent" to SUPER

ReGrained SuperGrain+® is an exciting new ingredient made from upcycled brewer's"spent" grain (BSG) using our patented process.

Only the grain’s sugars are “spent” during the brewing process and we are closing the loop on the remaining fiber, protein and other nutrients at scale for the first time.

Brewers grain (malt) is produced predominantly by sprouting barley, an ancient grain dating back to the origins of human cultivation. The sprouted grain is then kilned or roasted to finish preparations for the brewing process and produce a depth of flavor. Malted wheat and rye are also used by beer makers worldwide.

Before our breakthrough with ReGrained’s patented upcycling technology, the best case fate for BSG was animal feed, compost or landfill. With Upcycled Food we are putting its incredible value to best use—feeding people.

SuperGrain+® is a game-changer and the hero ingredient in ReGrained snacks and other innovative products.

Our Secret Ingredient

ReGrained SuperGrain+® resembles a toasted flour with great flavor, aroma, and functional properties.

It is a functional food that features an incredibly nutritious profile, with superior levels of protein and fiber and other nutrients relative to other grains. 

SuperGrain+® is also a great source of prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber supports digestive health by providing food for the probiotic bacteria that live in your gut. 

Tasting is believing, and we have created some incredible award-winning snacks to initiate you to the ReGrained revolution.

5-Flavor Variety Pack of Shareable Bags
5-Flavor Variety Pack of Shareable Bags

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Let's Upcycle Together

ReGrained SuperGrain+® not only out performs nearly every other grain flour in nutrients like protein and fiber with less calories, but also packs incredible flavor and environmental impact. 

Chefs and product developers tell us that its outstanding functionality across a broad range recipe applications make it easy and fun to showcase.

Interested in working with us creating upcycled foods together?