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2018 Food and Beverage Listmakers 

Featured on NPR's How I Built This "How You Built That" Segment

"Brewing Up A Tasty Use For Beer-Making Byproducts"

"ReGrained presents an option for breweries to divert the spent grain from landfills"

"The bars will taste much better than the warm 12-pack you picked up on your way over, anyway."

"ReGrained, a new San Francisco-based company that makes granola bars from recycled beer grains, is putting that waste to good use."

"Not only is ReGrained reducing food waste on one end, but it’s providing nutrition on the other."

"A San Francisco-based startup has made it a mission to combat beer waste—and create some tasty snacks while doing it."

"The company’s premise — taking used malt from urban craft breweries and fashioning them into granola bars — is unique and offbeat"

"The search for the perfect energy bar is over. "

Interview on Rubicon Global's Podcast

"Upcycled snacks never tasted so good"