Meet the Team

Daniel Kurzrock

Dan Kurzrock is the co-founder and Chief Grain Officer of ReGrained. Dan founded ReGrained out of his hobby for homebrewing beer, where he first discovered that "spent" grain could be given a delicious second life. He is now obsessed with the impact edible upcycling and closing nutrient loops can have on our food system. As Chief Grain Officer, Dan is “Mr. Outside” for ReGrained, handling all elements of growing the business. Dan holds an Economics degree from UCLA and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.

Jordan Schwartz

Jordan Schwartz is the co-founder and Chief Grainmaster of ReGrained. Jordan is the alchemist behind transforming waste into taste. As "Mr. Inside," he leads innovation and operation, and generally ensures our venture can keep up with growth. His purview ranges from product development to supply chain management, production, and HR. Jordan holds a Business Economics degree from UCLA.

Philip Saneski

Philip Saneski is the VP of Product and Commander in Chef of ReGrained. Philip’s culinary background in Michelin-Star and James Beard Award finalist kitchens was succeeded by working with food entrepreneurs' concept to commercialization at a product development consultancy. His unique food background, involvement with non-profit impact organizations, curiosity about ingredients historically considered “waste,” and passion for formulating delicious products at scale make him a natural fit for ReGrained. As Commander in Chef, he oversees production, innovation, ingredient sourcing and operations.

Cassidy Lundy

Cassidy Lundy is the Community Manager and Digital Marketing extraordinaire at ReGrained. Cassidy weaves the voice of ReGrained through our website, social media, and email communication. She also dabbles in the ReGrained kitchen. As a fresh graduate, her background consists of summer camp, improv, and a dedicated internship at ReGrained. Cassidy holds a Conservation and Resource Studies degree from UC Berkeley.

Harrison Laine

Harrison Laine is the walking Swiss Army Knife at ReGrained. He serves retailers, wholesalers, distributors and brewery partners helping with onboarding, placement and consistent sell through - keeping everyone happy along the way. You won’t find many touchpoints that he isn’t part of, and he always brings a healthy amount of stoke to the workplace. He also enjoys long walks on the beach. Harrison holds a Business Management Degree from Northern Arizona University.