- How It's Made

The to scale, scientifically accurate process pictured above pretty much sums it up.

Still curious? We like details too, so allow us to elaborate….

As homebrewers, we discovered that the flavorful and fragrant grain we were left with after each batch is not “spent” at all. As a concentration of fiber, protein and other nutrients that don’t end up in the beer, it is truly “super!”

So, we are here to elevate this overlooked but awesome ingredient to the hero status it deserves with a line of award-winning upcycled snack bars, puffed snacks and premium ingredients. 

Today ReGrained works with brewery partners to rescue the grain after they have extracted the sugars needed to make beer. We make the magic happen using a patent-pending process that we developed in partnership with the USDA. This super secret technology unlocks what is otherwise a challenging supply chain in a scalable, energy-efficient way. ReGrained’s process is not only the gold-standard of food safety but also gentle enough to optimally preserve flavor and nutrients. 

ReGrained SuperGrain is thus the original and superior upcycled supergrain. You can enjoy it in our bars and puffs, or select other brands’ products that are “Powered by ReGrained” through our partnership program. 

Eat Up!