Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Regrained products?

Here, these stores (and more), Amazon, Imperfect Produce, Good Eggs, Luke's Local, and counting! 

If you are a retailer, we're always looking for new partners! If you are interested in wholesale pricing please go here.

If you are an office manager interested in ordering for your team, hit us up too!

Will (or can) your products get me drunk?

ReGrained products do not contain any alcohol. If you are a parent, know that all of our products are safe for children. Plus they are natural, and healthy--built for those by those with an active appetite. Dan's father is a doctor, his mother a dietician. They approve.

But if you're looking to party, don't let us stop you. Bring a bar to pair with your favorite brew...then you can truly have your beer, eat it too!

But is there beer in your products? ?

Upcycled Brewer's Malt is really just barley with less sugar, folks, not beer. High protein, high fiber, delicious grain. 

Are your products organic?
Technically ReGrained products are not currently certified organic. Some of our brewers do use organic malt, but not all. This is not something we can control. That said, we aim to control what we can. Today, most of our ingredients besides the grain are organic. Check out here for more info.  

Is Beer Grain gluten-free?

No. "Spent" beer grain is comprised mostly of barley. This grain has already been through the brewing process, but the remaining grain is NOT gluten-free. In addition to barley, ReGrained beer grain may contain: wheat, oats, and rye.

Are your products fair trade?

We do not currently have the third-party certification for fair trade. This would mostly apply to our chocolate and coffee in the Stout bar. We source chocolate from Guittard, a local bean to bar manufacturer that works directly with small farmers and is indeed Fair Trade certified. We typically buy coffee from local roasters Phillz or De La Paz.

Can you tell us more about your packaging?
ReGrained's commitment to sustainability does not end with our products or sourcing. Sustainable packaging is a non-negotiable value for us. Each bar is wrapped in a backyard compostable wrapper. Read more about ours here. 

Our boxes are made from recycled paperboard. All inks are soy or water based. Please recycle them!
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