Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Regrained products?

Our favorite question. ReGrained bars are currently available by through our web store, in addition to various retail markets in the San Francisco Bay Area, office breakrooms, and live events. For the most up to date information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a retailer, we're always looking for new partners! If you are interested in wholesale pricing please fill out the webform, or email

If you are an office manager interested in ordering for your team, we offer pantry service with special pricing!

Will (or can) your products get me drunk?

ReGrained products do not contain any alcohol. If you are a parent, know that all of our products are safe for children. Plus they are natural, and healthy--built for those by those with an active appetite. Dan's father is a doctor, his mother a dietician. They approve.

But if you're looking to party, don't let us stop you. Bring a bar to pair with your favorite brew...then you can truly have your beer, eat it too!

Are your products organic?
Technically ReGrained products are not currently certified organic. Some of our brewers do use organic malt, but not all. This is not something we can control. That said, we aim to control what we can. Today, our honey, oats, flour, and flax are all organic. Our coffee often is organic too, although we currently rotate suppliers based on what is fresh roasted/available at the time.

The most up to date information can be found here. As we grow, we aim to evolve 100% of our bar to organic. As a small, craft manufacturer, we feel that doing so incrementally along the way is better than not at all. We hope you agree.
Is Beer Grain gluten-free?

No. "Spent" beer grain is comprised mostly of barley. This grain has already been through the brewing process, but the remaining grain is NOT gluten-free. In addition to barley, ReGrained beer grain may contain: wheat, oats, and rye.

But is there beer in your products?

Spent brewers grain is really just barley with less sugar, folks, not beer. Malty, high fiber, high protein, delicious beer grain.
Are your products fair trade?

We do not currently have the third-party certification for fair trade. This would mostly apply to our chocolate and coffee in the Stout bar. We source chocolate from Guittard, a local bean to bar manufacturer that works directly with small farmers and is indeed Fair Trade certified. We typically buy coffee from local roasters Phillz or De La Paz.

Can you tell us more about your packaging?
<pReGrained's committment to sustainability does not end with our products or sourcing. We also prioritize sustainable packaging. Each bar is wrapped in a certified compostable wrapper. This biodegradable "plastic" is simply made of less "stuff" so that can break down in the earth. This also means they are quite loud. You can always tell when someone near you is opening an Eat Beer bar!

Our boxes are made from recycled paperboard. All inks are soy or water based. Please recycle!
What is a Cottage Foods Organization?

ReGrained was started as a Class A Cottage Foods Organization. In January 2013, California voters legalized the preparation and packaging of certain foods in licensed home kitchens. We are now in a fully certified commercial kitchen, but the Cottage Foods Bill allowed us to get our start!

We love CA AB1616 and the way it enabled us to incubate and grow our local business. Read the full text of the bill or a summary for more info.

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