Edible Upcycling

Reduce. Reuse. Regrained.

Our planet’s resources are limited, dwindling, and subject to human whims. 1/3 of the food we produce in the world is wasted, and that does not even include edible byproducts.

At ReGrained, we are passionate about upcycling because it is an opportunity to get creative with sustainability.


Upcycling is a challenge to reimagine an end as a beginning. It is that “aha!” moment when your old climbing rope becomes your new dog leash, or when that empty jam jar becomes your favorite cup. 

Edible Upcycling™

Edible Upcycling™ applies this mindset to food. Edible upcyclers look at what is left behind when making our favorite foods and see opportunity.

ReGrained’s mission: To rescue those overlooked, but awesome ingredients and put them back to work—fueling your day, your taste buds, and your imagination.