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How It's Made

ReGrained rescues the nutritious grain created every time beer is brewed.

Powered by patent-protected tech and culinary creativity, we elevate this overlooked but awesome ingredient to the hero status it deserves with our award-winning ingredients and products.

We are a team of foodies, brand geeks, sustainability nerds, innovators and creators dedicated to powering your next generation of product innovations as a brand and wholesale ingredient supplier.

Our Story

Today, Upcycled Foods Inc. powers the B2B upcycled food economy with product development expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a growing portfolio of ingredient solutions...but that's not how it started.

It all started in college we learned how to make our own beer. Every 6-pack we brewed left us with 1 pound of grain. 

We were hauling this grain out to the dumpster until we started baking bread with the flavorful and nutritious material. At first, our goal was to make enough money to brew beer for free.

We soon realized the possibilities were much bigger. Breweries produce billions of pounds of grain each year, and there is always demand for tasty and nutritious food!

So, we began to harvest this ingredient from breweries and create ReGrained SuperGrain+®, a first-of-its-kind upcycled food ingredient loaded with fiber, protein and functional benefits.

With ReGrained, we helped start the upcycled food revolution and continue to lead its evolution into the mainstream. Now our broader portfolio of upcycled ingredients close the loop on some of our food system’s most overlooked and undervalued supply chains while delivering on taste, nutrition, and functionality.

Our business-to-business Upcycled Food Lab is designed to share our expert insights and catalyze innovation in the industry. In parallle, our brand is dedicated to launching a rotating selection of products for you to enjoy here.

Cheers and #EatUp!

-Dan & Jordan


What the PLUS?!

ReGrained's Hero Ingredient SuperGrain+:

+ 3.4x More Dietary Fiber than Whole Wheat Flour

+ Prebiotics to Support Healthy Digestion

+ As Much Protein As Almond Flour

+ Versatile Flavor and Function

+ Authentic Impact

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