ReGrained UpCyclist

  • 5 Myths About Fiber

    Less than 5% of Americans get their daily recommended intake of fiber; comparatively, 97% of Americans consume an adequate amount of protein...crazy right?

    We're on a mission to clear the air surrounding common misconceptions about fiber. We’ve outlined 5 common myths associated with fiber– one for each gram of fiber in a ReGrained bar! 

  • Prebiotics: The Food You Never Knew To Feed Your Probiotic Fleet

    Prebiotics are perfect food for our gut warriors, but what are they and how do they work? A nutrition science expert guest authors this crash course with an emphasis on digestive health. 
  • Bavaria by the Bay, Powered by ReGrained

    An innovation spotlight on our collaboration with North Bay Pretzel Co.
  • Pasta La Vista, Food Waste: Innovation Spotlight

    A spotlight on ReGrained's latest cobranded innovation project: fresh pasta!
  • Get Unwasted With This Podcast

    Our friends at Imperfect Produce have a rad new podcast series called "Unwasted."

    The show explores ways to live a less wasteful and more meaningful life through a series of fun and thought-provoking conversations with inspiring people helping to build a more sustainable future.

    Dan was recently a guest on the show. Check it out!

  • Introducing ReGrained’s New Logo and How We Got Here

    ReGrained has grown up a lot as a business since our homebrewing days in college. This new logo is meant to convey the power of edible upcycling. It signals to the consumer that a product is powered by ReGrained.
  • Eat Local: How and Why?

    We often think of eating “local” in terms of where our produce comes from, but where our shelved goods come from is also an important aspect of eating locally. 
  • Chef Alison’s 26 Tips to Reduce Your Food Waste

    I’ve compiled a list of tips that anyone can apply today. Pick one or two at a time, baby steps. Start perhaps with #17, #18, and #4 - or wherever you like, just start!
  • How Should We Value Our Planet’s Atmosphere? An Introduction to Personal Carbon Offsetting

    Our atmosphere is undoubtedly our most important public good, but it is not being adequately protected. To limit climate warming to the critical threshold, we need to reduce worldwide GHG emissions by half over the next decade and to near net-zero emissions by midcentury. This is a complex problem that will require a cocktail of solutions. One ingredient to the solution is a voluntary contribution mechanism called carbon offsetting. Here's how it works. 
  • 6 Tips for an Earth-Friendly Picnic

    Spring has finally sprung! The combination of great weather and Earth Week warrants a picnic, wherever you are!
  • Why You Should Be Optimistic About Compostable Packaging

    There are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic right now. After reading this, we not only hope that you’ll agree, but that you’ll feel inspired to join us in action
  • 3 Easy Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic

    In the spirit of Earth Week, we are continuing the conversation around global plastic usage and waste.