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  • ReGrained's Show-Stopper Stuffing & Upcycled Thanksgiving Leftovers

    At ReGrained, we’re big fans of Thanksgiving. Sure, time with family and friends is nice, but it’s all the edible upcycling that really gets us in the spirit! From green bean casserole & stuffing sandwiches to homemade turkey stock, the end of your Thanksgiving meal is the beginning of many a leftovers masterpiece. But just in case you’re fresh out of creativity from your show-stopping Turkey Day dish, we’ve asked ReGrained’s very own Commander-in-Chef, Phil Saneski, to do that part for you.

  • A Zero-Waste Thanksgiving with Kathryn Kellogg

      It has been estimated that $277 million worth of uneaten food will be prepared this Thanksgiving. All that butter, hard work, and more butter - j...
  • ReGrained’s Guide to a Waste-Free Thanksgiving (and Friendsgiving too!)

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a time when most of us deliberately make more food than it is humanly possible to eat. The potential for food waste is great, and defending against this risk should be a top priority -- right up there with not overcooking the turkey. That’s why ReGrained’s here with some quick tips for a waste-free feast (save us a seat?):