ReGrained UpCyclist

  • ReGrained Stands For Justice. Here Is How.

    We started ReGrained with a mission to create solutions, but this past week we shifted our focus. We are slowing down, taking a step back, listening, and critically examining our own role in the problem. In no uncertain terms, we believe that systemic racism and the ongoing oppression of the Black community must end. Black Lives Matter. More broadly, we stand with all who experience injustice and commit to the active and ongoing process of being antiracist and a better ally. 
  • What Is Upcycled Food?

    Upcycled foods use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are processed using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment.
  • An Update: ReGrained’s Sustainable Single-Use Packaging Journey

    In February of 2019 ReGrained struggled with a major decision. Due to the massive field failure experienced when deploying our first to market compostable films, we announced that we would be transitioning to conventional plastic packaging. We expressed a goal to deploy a viable solution within a year, and we were optimistic. Despite our active (and costly) efforts to find, develop and trial. new materials, we failed against that 1-year metric. However, that failure opened many doors.
  • Every Pound of Grain Upcycled Saves Over 300 Gallons of Water

    We’ve all heard of a carbon footprint - but how about a water footprint? Calculating our water footprint entails more than counting time spent in the shower or measuring the water used to wash dishes. We're breaking down the hidden costs associated with the production of the material items we collect and foods we consume as the first step toward more mindful consumption.

  • Introducing ReGrained’s New Logo and How We Got Here

    ReGrained has grown up a lot as a business since our homebrewing days in college. This new logo is meant to convey the power of edible upcycling. It signals to the consumer that a product is powered by ReGrained.
  • Why You Should Be Optimistic About Compostable Packaging

    There are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic right now. After reading this, we not only hope that you’ll agree, but that you’ll feel inspired to join us in action
  • Instead of Launching a Product At Our Industry’s Largest Trade Show We Ran an Experiment. Here Is What We Learned:

    This year we did not launch our newest innovation at Expo. Instead, we flipped the script and sought data with which to refine and perfect our offering.

  • Our Compostable Packaging Plan

    If we are going to solve the packaging problem, we need to do it together. The time has come for less talk and more action.

    I commit ReGrained to open collaboration and radical transparency on this matter indefinitely. Who is with us?

  • The Price of Pioneering Zero Waste Packaging

    Between bad practices and bad packaging, we chose bad packaging. ReGrained is committed to investing in the long-term solution, even if it comes at the cost of short-term practicality. As such, we’ve always considered zero-waste packaging a non-negotiable value—but to be perfectly candid, we’re a bit insane for it.
  • Why We Exist

    At ReGrained, we believe that people want to eat great-tasting, nutritious food that protects our planet's dwindling resources.
  • ReGrained is a Certified B Corporation®!

    Since making our very first bar, ReGrained has held our company to the highest possible standards of environmental stewardship. We've spent the pas...
  • Invest in ReGrained

    ReGrained was founded on the stoke of our community. Now, we’re returning to you with an offer to invest in our company. You have the opportunity t...