ReGrained UpCyclist

  • ReGrained Stands For Justice. Here Is How.

    We started ReGrained with a mission to create solutions, but this past week we shifted our focus. We are slowing down, taking a step back, listening, and critically examining our own role in the problem. In no uncertain terms, we believe that systemic racism and the ongoing oppression of the Black community must end. Black Lives Matter. More broadly, we stand with all who experience injustice and commit to the active and ongoing process of being antiracist and a better ally. 
  • Everyone has a reason to support food waste policy. The Trump administration proved it.

    Earlier this month, the Trump Administration announced an initiative aimed at improving coordination and communication across the Federal Government to better educate Americans on the impacts and importance of reducing food loss and waste. Although no financial measures or enforced actions were made, the initiative should be celebrated for affirming basic Federal commitment to the cause.
  • Food Waste Alchemy 101: Transforming Food “Waste” into Delicious Gold

    We waste too much edible food. It’s true. I’m not the first one to say it. I won’t be the last. We can move on. We don’t have to belabor the fa...