ReGrained UpCyclist

  • Upcycled Soup Series: One Pot Black Bean Soup With ReGrained Mexican Street Corn Flavored Puffs

    Cooking beans from dry is a technique that allows you to buy in bulk and reduce waste. Add even more flavor with cilantro, lime, avocado, and our Mexican Street Corn Puffs!

  • Butternut Squash Coconut Milk Soup With Vegetable Scrap Stock

    You've probably heard it over and over again, but there really is no match for homemade stock. Store bought broth cannot compare to the robust, simmering flavors offered by fresh stock using real ingredients. Plus, it allows you to use leftover vegetable parts, transforming your dish into an upcycled meal! Let's try this out with a vegan coconut milk butternut squash soup! 
  • Upcycled Tomato & Red Pepper Soup with Urban Garden Puffs

    Do you ever have a few carrots leftover from a dish, or a few roasted red peppers floating in a jar, hiding in the back of the fridge? This soup can help you use all those leftover vegetables to make a delicious dish! Top it off with ReGrained Urban Garden Puffs for added crunchy texture!

  • Recipes for an Upcycled Summer: Corn Chowder, Chow Chow, and Panzanella

    Let's dig into some awesome recipes from our friend Chef Alison to help you upcycle your food at home this summer! Time to Eat Up!
  • Make More With Less This 4th of July

    As we gear up for a unique year of July 4th celebrations, let's look at how we make American the land of the Waste Free.
  • Shelter-In-Place Hack: DIY Upcycled Spa Water

    In the process of adjusting to a new normal within an unpredictable landscape it’s helpful to highlight the simple joys we can sprinkle into our daily routines. Making this easy, upcycled spa water is a small step we can all take to fight food waste AND stay-at-home stress. If your WFH regimen is feeling stale, read on for this refreshing recipe!
  • ReGrained's Honey Cinnamon IPA Cheesecake

    You know and love it as your go-to midday snack, but we’re reimagining our best-selling bar, the Honey Cinnamon IPA, as the primary ingredient in your new favorite holiday dessert: ReGrained’s Honey Cinnamon IPA Cheesecake.
  • ReGrained's Show-Stopper Stuffing & Upcycled Thanksgiving Leftovers

    At ReGrained, we’re big fans of Thanksgiving. Sure, time with family and friends is nice, but it’s all the edible upcycling that really gets us in the spirit! From green bean casserole & stuffing sandwiches to homemade turkey stock, the end of your Thanksgiving meal is the beginning of many a leftovers masterpiece. But just in case you’re fresh out of creativity from your show-stopping Turkey Day dish, we’ve asked ReGrained’s very own Commander-in-Chef, Phil Saneski, to do that part for you.

  • Food Waste Hack: 6 Ways to Use Leftover Tomato Paste

      In a world with no food waste, we’d all buy tomato paste in the perfect tablespoon portions that our recipes call for. But this is REAL LIFE, and...
  • Tales from Test Kitchen: SuperGrain+ Banana Bread

    When life gives you a bunch of overripe bananas—say you just got back from a camping trip where bananas were much less popular than you’d expected—well, I think you know what to do. You make banana bread, of course.

  • Zero Waste Cooking: Egg Strata, Starring Your Leftovers

    Made by soaking stale bread in eggs and milk, Egg Strata is like a casual quiche, with sourdough (or whatever you have lying around) replacing that finicky pie crust. Every bite delivers egg, cheese, veggies, and bread that’s squishy on the inside, crispy on the outside — in a way, it also evokes a deconstructed breakfast sandwich.
  • Eat Coffee: 3 Recipes to Fight Food Waste By Cooking With CoffeeFlour

    Happy Day 2 of Earth Week 2017!  Byproducts are bountiful in our food system. In some cases, “edible upcycling” is already underway. In our “Food W...