ReGrained UpCyclist

  • Happy Planet, Healthy You

    At ReGrained, we believe that to care for yourself is to care for the planet. This is why we create foods that nourish our bodies and revitalize our natural resources. We offer a choice that doesn't involve much choosing at all; when you buy ReGrained, you invest in your health and the environment benefits.
  • What Is "Brewers Spent Grain?"

    Brewer’s Spent Grain (BSG) is a massively overlooked source of waste that accounts for 85% of the brewing industry’s byproducts. Our work has developed a growing interest in incorporating spent grain into cereal food products for human consumption. So, only recently has spent grain been studied for its nutritional and health properties, and findings have been interesting to say the least. 
  • ReGrained’s Guide to Stocking Your Pantry

    If you know how to shop, the pantry can present a reliable backup plan for those times when you’ve run out of a fridge staple your recipe relies on. Of course, not all pantry items are created equal. Read on for advice on what to look out for when choosing nutritious shelf-stable foods to keep on hand in your home.
  • ReGrained Puffs: Snacking, Leveled UP(cycled)

    A new contender has entered the snack space, and they're not only packing both a crunch and a flavor punch but an arsenal of functional health benefits. If you're a fan of salty snacks, get ready for a new favorite. Enter: ReGrained Puffs. 
  • ReGrained Nutrition Bars: The Dynamic Duo of Flavor and Function Wrapped in One

    You've heard the old adage "You are what you eat." But did you know that there's a scientific backing to that statement? ReGrained's Nutrition Bars fall into the impressive category of "functional foods," or foods that serve a purpose in healing the body by giving your system what it needs to rebuild. Read on to learn about the highly nutritious ingredients highlighted in our bars and the unique purposes they serve in our bodies.
  • There are Functional Foods and Then There's SuperGrained+

    You’ve heard of Superfoods, but there is a new category of power-packed, nutritionally dense foods that are making their way mainstream. Functional foods are stepping up to a plate near you in a big way, and they’re here to revolutionize the way you view your food and challenge what “healthy” truly means.
  • 5 Myths About Fiber

    Less than 5% of Americans get their daily recommended intake of fiber; comparatively, 97% of Americans consume an adequate amount of protein...crazy right?

    We're on a mission to clear the air surrounding common misconceptions about fiber. We’ve outlined 5 common myths associated with fiber– one for each gram of fiber in a ReGrained bar! 

  • Prebiotics: The Food You Never Knew To Feed Your Probiotic Fleet

    Prebiotics are perfect food for our gut warriors, but what are they and how do they work? A nutrition science expert guest authors this crash course with an emphasis on digestive health. 
  • Because We Give a Sh*t: ReGrained and Gut Health

    At the risk of grossing you out, we’ll be going over that complicated relationship between your food and your poop. More specifically, how ReGraine...