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  • An Update: ReGrained’s Sustainable Single-Use Packaging Journey

    In February of 2019 ReGrained struggled with a major decision. Due to the massive field failure experienced when deploying our first to market compostable films, we announced that we would be transitioning to conventional plastic packaging. We expressed a goal to deploy a viable solution within a year, and we were optimistic. Despite our active (and costly) efforts to find, develop and trial. new materials, we failed against that 1-year metric. However, that failure opened many doors.
  • Benefits of Composting (Yup, Even In Your Apartment)

    Not every scrap of organic waste can be turned into delicious superfood bars and snack puffs. What can we do with unusable food scraps and inedible organic waste? Compost them, of course! It’s nature’s own way of endlessly recycling itself, with numerous environmental benefits.

  • Why You Should Be Optimistic About Compostable Packaging

    There are a lot of reasons to feel optimistic right now. After reading this, we not only hope that you’ll agree, but that you’ll feel inspired to join us in action
  • Our Compostable Packaging Plan

    If we are going to solve the packaging problem, we need to do it together. The time has come for less talk and more action.

    I commit ReGrained to open collaboration and radical transparency on this matter indefinitely. Who is with us?

  • The Price of Pioneering Zero Waste Packaging

    Between bad practices and bad packaging, we chose bad packaging. ReGrained is committed to investing in the long-term solution, even if it comes at the cost of short-term practicality. As such, we’ve always considered zero-waste packaging a non-negotiable value—but to be perfectly candid, we’re a bit insane for it.
  • How to Compost a ReGrained Wrapper At Home

    Today, we're here to talk trash.  We’re proud of the backyard/home compostable wrappers that we wrap each ReGrained bar in. For us, this sustainabl...
  • Raising the bar on renewable packaging, and why non-negotiable values matter…

    When we set out to launch a business that positively impacts our planet, our goal began with a model built around “upcycling” the byproduct from t...