ReGrained's Upcycled Gift Guide

by ReGrained Staff December 13, 2018

ReGrained's Upcycled Gift Guide


Many sustainably-minded shoppers struggle with the consumerism that surrounds the holidays. On the one hand, giving and receiving gifts is part of what makes this time of year so special. On the other hand, all the energy and resources that go into producing, packaging, and wrapping gifts makes us question the morality of it all.

This holiday season, we’re making sure you don’t have to choose between people and planet. To help prevent your stocking stuffers from turning into landfill stuffers, we at ReGrained have compiled the perfect gift-guide for people and planet. Choose from our selection of eco-friendly, upcycled products.

The best part: You can find all these gifts online. No more Mariah Carey Christmas hits blaring in your ear while you’re upside-down in a department store sale bin.

First, stocking stuffers from brands we love.

  • This pencil from Package Free Shop turns into an herb once planted! Plus they have a colored pencil set if you’re looking to start a garden.
  • Upcycled tea from Wize Monkey makes tea from coffee leaves - a traditionally-unused part of the coffee plant. Check out all of their gift-box recommendations!
  • Help keep your piggies warm this winter with socks from Arvin Goods made from upcycled cotton!
  • Is your vegetarian friend missing out on the Christmas ham? Give them coconut jerky from Cocoburg - made with a byproduct of coconut water production.
  • And of course, a shameless plug for ReGrained bars made with upcycled grain & compostable wrappers.

    Source: Arvin Goods 


    Want to take it up a notch? 

    • Reduce your carbon footprint with these upcycled shoes from Indosole - made from upcycled tires!
    • Protect your phone and the planet with this biodegradable iPhone case from Package Free Shop.
    • Help reduce single-use plastic consumption. This zero waste to-go ware set from Fill Good will save countless plastic utensils & straws.
    • Give the gift of warmth with Patagonia’s new collection of Worn Wear. Not only is it cheaper, but it also reduces clothing waste.

      Source: Worn Wear from Patagonia


      For the all-star gift-givers, the ones who handmake their gifts, here are some of our favorite upcycled DIY gift ideas.

      • Cozy candlelight is perfect for chilly winter nights. These DIY mason jar candles are easy and smell incredible.
      • Have an unwanted shirt somewhere in your closet? Turn it into these fun macrame plant hangers!
      • Gift these amazing seed balls! Leave them in your yard and you’ll have a fun surprise waiting for you in the Spring.



        If you need more sustainable gift ideas, we recommend DoneGood’s Holiday Gift Guide.

        We hope your family, friends, secret Santas, and white elephants enjoy their upcycled gifts! Thank you for giving back to the people and the planet you love. And most importantly, happy holidays from the ReGrained team!

        ReGrained Staff
        ReGrained Staff


        From the food-waste-fighting noggins of your friends at ReGrained!

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