Our Pledge To Upcycled 10M Lbs of Food by 2025

We are celebrating Earth Day this year with a pledge to rescue more than ten-million pounds of food—from overlooked and undervalued supply chains like brewer’s spent grain—and develop them into commercially viable ingredients that close the loop. Measures to do so will include expanding sales of our flagship product and by introducing new ingredient lines into our commercial partnership platform. As a pioneer in upcycled food innovation, we continue to raise the bar and lead the upcycling movement forward by making a measurable, public commitment.

ReGrained’s Upcycled Food Lab is focused on business-to-business innovation services and ingredient sales to achieve our mission and deliver upon our ten-million-pound pledge. Developing products with upcycled ingredients that are made from manufacturing and agricultural side streams is a unique innovation opportunity that is good for business and for the planet. However, designing scalable products with them requires both technology and subject matter expertise. Our Upcycled Food Lab offers the infrastructure for food makers to unlock this opportunity by anchoring an integrated team across functions, including product strategy, R&D, business development and marketing.

ReGrained is building on the success of our flagship ingredient, SuperGrain+®, by developing and sourcing new upcycled ingredients to expand its ingredient portfolio. Our patented technology developed with the USDA is applicable to a range of food production waste streams, including plant-based milk and juice production. New ingredients will be added to the portfolio in the coming months.

“Earth Day gives us an opportunity to communicate ReGrained’s authentic commitment to better align the food system with the planet and people we love,” says Dan Kurzrock, Founder & CEO of ReGrained. “Globally we are leaving too much food off the table. At ReGrained, we believe all food that’s produced should be eaten, which is why we’re obsessed with valorizing could-be food that is conventionally neglected and not recognized as food loss. The scale of this opportunity is humbling, but with today’s ten-million-pound pledge we canonize our commitment to the fight to end food waste every day.”

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