How to Compost a ReGrained Wrapper At Home

by Dan Kurzrock April 20, 2017

How to Compost a ReGrained Wrapper At Home

Today, we're here to talk trash. 

We’re proud of the backyard/home compostable wrappers that we wrap each ReGrained bar in. For us, this sustainable packaging is a key point of difference for our brand, built upon our non-negotiable value of waste reduction. Temporary packaging should have a temporary life. 

You can put ReGrained wrappers in your curbside compost, but what if your city isn’t one of the 5,000 that offer a centralized composting service? In the spirit of Earth Week, we thought we’d share some inspiration for composting at home.

Composting your food scraps at home (even if it's an apartment) need not be daunting. It does require some commitment, but it isn’t as gross as you might think. When done right, your compost will smell like dirt, not a rotting pile of...

Still, we realize it’s not for everyone. If you are interested, there are some great resources all across the internet to help you get started. We've included some steps and links below. 

Home/Apartment Composting Quick Guide:
  1. Find: a bin. You can buy one at a hardware store, or DIY. The bin should be about 3’x3’x3’. Live in an apartment? Here’s a great option.
  2. Collect: food/plant scraps (and ReGrained wrappers). Dairy or animal products are NOT safe for a home compost bin. This infographic has some useful tips as well as do’s and don’ts
  3. Layer: your browns (leaves, wood shavings, shredded newspaper, cardboard, etc) and greens (fruits, veggies). Go approximately 2 parts brown to 1 part green.
  4. Turn: the mixture every week or so. 
  5. Modify: If your mixture is too wet, add more browns. If it is too dry, add more greens.
  6. Use: Add to your garden/landscaping soil as fertilizer. If you don’t garden, give it to a neighbor, donate to a school/community garden, post it on Craiglist.

So there you have it, friends. Keep calm, and compost on! 

Dan Kurzrock
Dan Kurzrock


Dan is the Co-Founder and Executive Grain Officer of ReGrained. His bike is fueled by eating beer and burritos.

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