Because We Give a Sh*t: ReGrained and Gut Health

by Dan Kurzrock June 19, 2017

Because We Give a Sh*t: ReGrained and Gut Health

At the risk of grossing you out, we’ll be going over that complicated relationship between your food and your poop. More specifically, how ReGrained keeps things running smoothly. We’re here to promote a “culture” of healthy and sustainable living, and this is a necessary part of the conversation. So listen up… this sh*t is important!

Your gut is home to a living community of bacteria (live cultures) that work for Team You. These cultures keep your gut healthy and your body moving.

The gut bacteria play for your team, but you are the coach. Some gut health factors (like geography, habits, and age) are beyond your control. But, only you control your diet. What you eat enormously impacts your belly’s biome.

Probiotics” are probably your first thought in regards to gut health. Probiotics include “living” food like kombucha, kefir, kimchi, and sauerkraut. Probiotics introduce different species of healthy bacteria into your body’s ecosystem. They are essentially your gut’s fauna, and they need gut flora to feed on.

Prebiotics” are the vegetation for the wildlife in your gut.


In nutritional terms, a prebiotic is non-digestible (insoluble or non-dietary) fiber. To talk sh*t again for a minuteinsoluble fiber solidifies your poop, while soluble fiber keeps it moving.

Eating ReGrained is a simple, delicious way to increase the amount of prebiotics in your diet and support a healthy gut.

Here’s why ReGrained has such an advantage:

The beer brewing process removes starch (sugar) from the malted barley. When ReGrained harvests this grain from craft breweries, it contains a higher percentage of non-starchy carbs (aka fiber) by weight. These nutrients account for about half of the “spent” grain and include both soluble and insoluble fiber (specifically: arabinoxylan and beta-glucan).

ReGrained Process

In addition to supporting a healthy gut, other nutritional studies even suggest that the consumption of “spent” grain may also reduce risk of Type II diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and colorectal cancer (we’ll get more into this in the future). 

Hopefully you’re starting to get an idea of why we’re so obsessed with closing the beer loop and teaching you about this supergrain. Stay tuned for future posts… we’ve barley scratched the surface.

In summary—go with your gut and Eat Beer.


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Dan Kurzrock
Dan Kurzrock


Dan is the Co-Founder and Executive Grain Officer of ReGrained. His bike is fueled by eating beer and burritos.

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Jerry Sellers
Jerry Sellers

June 20, 2018

What a great idea.. this is the first time I’ve heard the spent grains our actually more nutritious due to the prebiotic nature created by the brewing process. I live in the NW and curious if where the spent grains are being pulled from now?
I may have missed this if you shared on your website or blog.
Thanks for making a bar that stands apart from the rest.

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