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Beer Grain Granola Bars

Honey Almond IPA Bar

Our signature and original spent grain granola bars are made from simple ingredients you know and love, there's nothing to hide here. Our IPA bars feature local ingredients including repurposed, spent beer grain from Half Moon Bay Brewing Company as well as honey and almonds from Fat Uncle Farms.  Flavors of honey, almonds, and cinnamon combine with the lightly roasted grain of an IPA for a slightly sweet, unique flavor you won't forget.



Chocolate Coffee Stout Bar

The newest and sweetest edition of spent grain granola bars comes to the tune of Semi-Sweet Ghirardelhi Chocolate and Finely Ground French Roasted Coffee Beans. Featuring a dark grain malt used to brew an Oatmeal Chocolate Stout, the Stout bars offer a sweet yet powerful mocha flavor to go along with the signature notes of honey and cinnamon.


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